Roll-up doors of tubular steel/rods

Undoubtedly, this is our product mainly aimed at shops. The range of roll-up steel doors manufactured in hollow tubes or rods enables great visibility and ventilation, without compromising safety. It can also be equipped with leverage-resistant, anti-disassembly guides. Ideal for shops that want to exhibit their products behind closed doors. Available finishes: galvanised an lacquered in colours of our RAL colour chart.


The tubular range has two models: the smooth tube in case of needing more width and the corrugated tube.

Both models use a steel tube of 14 mm diameter and 1.2 mm thickness. With a complete anti-corrosive treatment that consists of both external and internal hot-dip galvanising, which ensures the highest weathering resistance available.

In the smooth tube model, tubes are attached by means of connecting rods forming rectangles of 300 x 60 mm, which provides them with high robustness and a good appearance.

In our self-made corrugated tube model, the tube has corrugated sections that are 120 mm apart, alternatively clamped to make up openings with a 120-mm diameter that in turn form a soft rhomboidal pattern in the structure of the door. If necessary, horizontal rods can be inserted into the clamping to reduce the practicable space in order to, for example, prevent people from putting their hands into a specific area of the door.  Corrugated tube models can also be equipped with a core in twisted tempered steel cable inside the tube, which makes it robust regarding the upper shearing.


This model is manufactured with rods whose diameter ranges from 6 to 8 mm and it can make up different drawings in the structure of the door, such as rhombus -only in 8-mm models-, or circles and sea shells in 6 to 8-mm models. Basically, the final configuration is similar to that of the corrugated tube, but it looks more stylised and offers greater resistance.

The end profile of blind louvres is hardened by a thicker hot-rolled angular end, which houses the lock with side tumblers that are 20 mm wide and 4 mm thick. Optionally, safety anchors are available, as well as Securanti shock mechanisms to prevent accidents that make it possible to immediately stop the manoeuvre without the door touching the hindrance.


This enclosure stands out due to the following:

  • The quality of materials is high. The inside of tubes is galvanised as well.
  • The different types of side guides available make it possible to install it in most cases.
  • Highly robust against intruders and vandalism. Guides are leverage-resistant.
  • Visibility, brightness and ventilation.

This door is powered by a side motor for frequent manoeuvres or higher performance, or with a central motor that can be unclutched from the inside in case of a single internal access. By default, it is equipped with compensating springs for occasional manual use.

The set can be equipped with extra anti-theft and crush-proof measures.

Scope of use

Residential 20%
Commercial 100%
Industrial 60%


Safety 60%
Appearance 60%
Frequency of use 60%
Customisable 20%