Collapsible gates

We also offer collapsible gates, because nobody manufactures them like we do.

Well-known in Europe and also called accordion or scissor gates, the polyvalence of this enclosure is really one-of-a-kind; where it is not possible to install any another type of enclosure, collapsible gates can be fitted at all times. Also, they can be used on doors and windows without touching the floor, in curved enclosures, sectoring: your imagination is the limit.

In our development, it mainly entails an extensible panel hanging from an upper guide by means of bearings, which makes it very easy to use even manually, and in our case, with just one finger. Not all manufacturers of scissor gates are alike; other developments by other manufacturers, for example, support the weight on the inside and thus cause friction with early wear and noise; they are also difficult to use.

The lock may be placed only inside, outside or in both places.

Materials: cold-rolled steel or stainless steel. Finishes can be in stainless steel or zinc-coated, and optionally, lacquering according to the colours of RAL colour chart.

Painting is carried out with a previous chemical treatment for high adhesion of paint and further plastic cover of solid polyurethane, melted in an oven at over 220º, providing a cover that is extremely durable and resistant and a finish with the highest quality available in the market.

This special process differentiates us from the rest and it highly superior than, for example, car paint.

There are many more details that make us stand out and this is why we assert: nobody manufactures them like we do.


We divide this enclosure into 3 groups, according to its robustness.

  • The minimum folding model: solves those situations where there is very little space for door folding, with almost no safety concessions.
  • The standard model, a market classic but with the finish and safety levels of all our products. This model is also manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • The robust model maximises the concept of safety for this type of doors. The thickness of sections, flanges and cross sections is double; the result is a solid, safe door unparalleled in the market.

We also count on a model with a moveable or floating upper section for those environments where it will not be fixed to the ceiling.

This enclosure stands out due to the following:

  • The best available ratio between safety and price.
  • Ventilation and light.
  • Minimum installation space.
  • Available for doors and windows.
  • No maintenance necessary.
  • Adjustable to the slanting, curved or corrugated shape of the set to close.

The set can be equipped with extra anti-theft and crush-proof measures.

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Scope of use

Residential 40%
Commercial 100%
Industrial 80%


Safety 80%
Appearance 60%
Frequency of use 40%
Customisable 20%