Sectional doors

Sectional doors are one of the most used in developed countries for both industrial and residential applications. They open upward vertically, and therefore they avoid occupying side and upper space, without reducing passage width. As they are tailor-made, it is possible to close large openings without compromising their main features.

We manufacture the high-end range of this product, paying special attention to its features: thermal and sound insulation, robustness and lightness, all designed for a higher usage frequency or durability.

In our development, the product consists of panels that are 610 mm high, made up by two steel sheets that are 0.6 mm thick that are never contact, as they are 40 mm apart but filled with high-density polyurethane foam for high thermal insulation (categories B2 DIN 4102 and B1).

Thermal and sound insulation is a particularly remarkable aspect of this enclosure. The coefficient of thermal conductivity of the panel is ^=0,020 W/mK, and the average coefficient of heat transmission is k=0,475 W/m2K in the noiseless area. Soundproofing coefficient of the panel is R’m=24 dB.

Panels are assembled one to the other by means of a flexible gasket that makes the door rainproof, wind-resistant and dustproof.

The 0.6-mm metal sheets made of continuous galvanised steel are coated with polyester enamel of 25 mµ (external) and 15 mµ (internal), in RAL colour number 9002, ideal to withstand extreme open air conditions, even in marine climate.

The leaf has a rubber joint, EPDM quality, but at the top and at the bottom, against the floor. The side joint against the guide is made of high-quality hard PVC, to improve its insulating capabilities.

Panels can also be made of different types of woods and have different finishes for residential applications, thus combining the general work carpentry with the door finish.

Automation is possible in all installation systems by incorporating a geared engine at the end of the axle in industrial applications.

For residential uses, it is possible to fit a central thrust geared engine to the ceiling.

It can be fitted with acrylic double-glazed oval windows with side rubber joint of 623 mm x 303 mm or rectangular windows of 650 mm x 344 mm with ABS frame and acrylic double glazing, as well.

The drawbacks of this product are the need for space in the ceiling, because the door slides below it; this limits the installation of elements such as lamps or travelling cranes near the door opening.


This enclosure stands out due to the following:

  • The highest thermal and sound insulation capacity available.
  • It is silent.
  • It does not need any side or upper space for rolling up or folding.
  • High weather resistance.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Wood panels blend into the carpentry of the home.
  • It may be manufactured with transparent windows.
  • Due to its smooth surface it is easy to customise and clean.
  • Another pedestrian door can be installed in the leaf of the door.

The set can be equipped with extra anti-theft and crush-proof measures.

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Scope of use

Residential 80%
Commercial 20%
Industrial 80%


Safety 60%
Appearance 100%
Frequency of use 80%
Customisable 100%