Sliding doors

Sideslip sliding doors allow for a wide range of large residential and industrial applications.

Tailor-made upon customers’ request regarding materials and finish, these doors can be manufactured in multiple designs and finishes, for example, to be incorporated into the materials of the wall or the rest of the enclosure or to be in line with the work as a whole. The possibilities are steel panels, Venetian louvres, steel louvres, Corten or stainless steel plates and the multiple combinations among them, to achieve either classic or highly innovative designs.

Oven lacquered in any colour in the RAL colour chart, stainless steel or natural Corten rust.

We also have a model of sliding door without a bottom guide: in this model, the door does not touch the floor and is attached by a side support. It is also possible to manufacture curved doors and doors with top support.

Corredera de uso industrial en chapa perforada lacada en gris

Reliable and silent automation to last for long, run by intelligent systems operated by remote controls. Door manoeuvres can be set up to open until a certain limit according to the type of order, or timed for automatic closing.

The set is equipped with anti-crushing safety systems with photoelectric cells, a safety strip, overstress detection, etc.

This door model can overcome small off-centre slopes and solve enclosure problems that would entail works for floor adjustment in other types of enclosures.

Equipped with different types of motors and powers with plenty of accessories, not only electronic but also electro-mechanic and mechanic as well, such as a flashing manoeuvre indicator or the installation powered by solar energy in those places far from urban centres in case of moderate use.


This enclosure stands out due to the following:

  • It only needs side space.
  • It is silent.
  • The most reliable mechanised product for enclosures.
  • It can be manufactured in huge formats, both regarding height and length.
  • It can be completely integrated into the work set.
  • It is very safe regarding people’s integrity.
  • It may overcome small differences in levels adjusting to the characteristics of the floor.
  • Intensive use.

Scope of use

Residential 100%
Commercial 20%
Industrial 100%


Safety 60%
Appearance 100%
Frequency of use 60%
Customisable 100%