Get caught up

During almost 60 years we have manufactured doors for your grandparents and parents, now we are manufacturing doors for you… and we are already thinking what the doors we will manufacture for your children will look like.

For us at Mansergas, manufacturing doors is not a game. We think, design, build and install safe, silent, fast and elegant doors, created to last for many years and remain impeccable.

Get caught up by our passion to offer the undoubtedly possible best product in the market with a reasonable price, thanks to our enormous production capacity and our management efficacy.

Do not hesitate, our passion and our reason to exist is facing each project offering you our well-known vast experience in a catalogue of our own exclusive, patented solutions, ranging from simple solutions for highly reliable small doors for private garages to sophisticated implementations of exquisite designs using the noblest materials for very complex environments, apart from massive production for big series and international exportation.

Yes, get caught up.

After all this time, tens of thousands of doors in the five continents back us up. You know us. In your life you have crossed countless doors manufactured by us tens of thousands of times, as well. You have already visited us by going through fingers in airports, supermarket entrances, parking doors, upon entering shops, visiting museums and going to the bank.

We have managed to reaffirm the meaning of words such as formality, responsibility and commitment. Some of our enclosure solutions, like remote opening and closing controls, are only available in the market under our supervision. Likewise, our solutions are never deserted and they count on all post-sales technical assistance that our organisation offers, with a really short response time.

Just get caught up. Let the leader take care of you.

Josep Alcácer
Managing Administrator.

Mission, philosophy and values

Our mission:

Solve our customers’ needs regarding doors and enclosures according to our values.


  • Innovation, Innovation, products that adjust to our times.
  • Quality, in continuous improvement.
  • Passion, enthusiasm for our work
  • Formality, to comply with deadlines and objectives.
  • Responsibility, to create and install risk-free products.
  • Experience and knowledge, available for all projects.


Our philosophy entails getting involved with enthusiasm and responsibility in comprehensively solving our customers’ enclosure needs, manufacturing, installing and supervising high-quality, reliable and long-lasting products. For this purpose, we offer the expertise and vast experience we have gained for over 60 years, as well as the continuous incorporation of the latest technical innovations regarding safety and design.

The responsibility to irreproachably fulfil our commitments with customers and suppliers.

Last but not least, we strive for achieving products and installations that do not entail any risks for people and property during implementation and life.