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Our facilities located in Rubi, 20 km away from Barcelona, less than 2 minutes away from A7 highway, occupy a little over 8.000 sq m. Here we put together metals and ideas for a continuous technological development, without ever losing sight of all the legacy of our vast experience.

Our strong commitment to the environment has been an essential part of all our strategic decisions for many years; for a heavy duty industry like ours it would be unwise not to do so.

Our systems of production and installation mainly focus on safety at work to prevent accidents. In all work positions, safety against accidents is not merely a procedure to follow.

Conjugating experience and the latest technology, as for example, manufacturing 14-metre wide roll-up doors driven by a Bluetooth mobile telephone, is just a routine for us.

We think that the true value of a door is not its purchase price, but the total cost that has represented for 5 or 10 years; sometimes it is not easy to realise such difference and it is in this specific aspect that our alternative reaffirms its absolute superiority.

Many times, doors are the first impressions visitors receive.

After all, our job is to put together metals and ideas so that you feel safe, comfortable and, the most important thing for us, satisfied.

Polígono Ind. Can Jardí, C/ Schumann, 27-33- 08191 RUBÍ (Barcelona)

Tel: (+34) 93 588 56 60

FAX: (+34) 93 588 47 47


De lunes a viernes de 8 a 13:30h y de 15 a 19h. Los viernes hasta las 18 h