Extremely safe, compact and super compact aluminium shutters

Extremely safe aluminium motorised shutters for windows or doors. The product appearance may be confused with classic plastic or wood shutters but, for instance, thanks to its extreme safety there is no need to install supplementary bars on ground floors.

It is designed to allow for very small roll-up diameters, for instance, in a 2100-mm space, the product rolls within a 230 mm diameter only, and also includes a blockage system without lock, which avoids being broken from the outside.

These doors may be manufactured with the same components to respect the physical harmony of the set of windows and doors, provided that the maximum width of these doors does not exceed 7.5 m.

The shutters include hollow aluminium louvres that are 50 x 13 mm and 1.5 mm thick, which have the same internal and external appearance. As hollow louvres, they may be filled by injecting high-density polyurethane (45-50Kg/m³) to improve resistance and reinforce its sound and thermal insulation. Two ends are assembled with nylon shoes to enhance silent sliding by side guides; such guides also include sliding and tightness joints. A die-cast louvre model is also available to provide a ventilation component within the shutter, if required.

It can also drastically increase its robustness by including special solid aluminium transverse components and anti-lever guides inside this section; this model is called SuperCompact due to its special hurricane-proof, bullet-proof and vandal-proof features. The robustness of this model is almost invulnerable, since it exceeds the robustness of a building wall; therefore, it is appropriate for jewelleries or for those places requiring an extremely safe environment.


Automation may be controlled by remote controls, timers, anemometers measuring wind speed to warn about hurricanes, photoelectric lighting controllers operating under pre-assigned light or sun exposure conditions or automation systems.

The end section includes average reinforcement and tightness gaskets.

Among possible uses, we may point out automatic closing for inside closets to store weapons, safeguard assets or people, by creating the so-called “panic or safe rooms” or shelters.

Finishes may be in anodised or oven-lacquered aluminium, according to RAL colour chart.

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Scope of use

Residential 100%
Commercial 80%
Industrial 40%


Safety 100%
Appearance 100%
Frequency of use 60%
Customisable 80%