Safety Venetian gates

The safe, low-maintenance steel lies behind the ‘classic’ appearance of the traditional wood gate. This clearly summarises the product.

Although they are also known as Tarpaulin, we were the first ones to launch this model with steel closing into the market, called Venetian, over 20 years ago. Due to their success, even the name has been adopted by most manufacturers of the sector. Since they were created, we have improved and enhanced their performance regarding two main aspects: safety and durability.

They are completely manufactured with hollow profiles in galvanised or stainless steel, which makes them lighter without detriment to their robustness, thus preventing them from falling. At the same time, it is possible to manufacture them in bigger sizes than any other (24 kg/sq m as per technological building standards). Lock bolts are made of case-hardened steel to prevent them from being cut with a saw. They also have springs so that they cannot be broken from the outside.

Inserted profiles are internally welded. Hinges have stainless steel axles and an oiler, a detail that cannot be seen but that is especially appreciated when they have not been used in quite a while (like when on holidays or in case of second homes). Their last finish is processed with the best and most modern special primer technique, ‘wash primer’, for galvanised surfaces, and they are oven-lacquered with polyester in a really wide range of colours, both classic and metallised or rough: the final result is an extraordinary beautiful appearance.

This product is so safe that there is no need, i.e., for external bars on ground floors. As they are tailor-made, their shape can be adjusted to the space to close.

They can be configured as sliding doors, as doors that fold in the centre, as hinged gates or folding doors with multiple leaves.


This enclosure stands out due to the following:

  • Extremely safe
  • Great appearance.
  • Anti-corrosive resistance.
  • Measures adjustable to the space to close.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • May be sliding, folding or hinged.

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Scope of use

Residential 100%
Commercial 20%
Industrial 60%


Safety 60%
Appearance 100%
Frequency of use 40%
Customisable 100%