Special doors

Division for manufacturing special designs or mechanisms Our technical department develops many models for architects, engineers and designers.

Models: Guillotine doors, Sliding doors, Folding doors, Panel sliding doors, Overhead gates, Trap doors, etc.

Please let us have just a moment of your time to share our enthusiasm.

Here are some of our developments, where you will immediately realise that we are ready to fulfil your wish or solve your need.

Do not hesitate to give us a challenge; our engineering department will look for the best mechanical solution and will offer you the best alternative at the lowest cost.

We have worked for the most prestigious architects and engineers to turn your ideas on paper into finalised projects.

We had to select some photos for this text without making it too long. We hope you can clearly visualise how we are devoted to development.

Curved sliding door

Automatic door manufactured with chain links

Large pivoting glazed hurricane-proof doors

Literally, a stainless-steel door coming out of the floor