Hinged doors

This is one of the enclosure solutions as old as civilisation itself.

They are also known as practicable; the wide range of solutions for this type of enclosures ranges from a simple residential application to a large industrial application. This has been a challenge for us to create alternatives for all environments and gain vast experience.

In our building process, upon customers’ request, doors can be manufactured in sheet metal panels, whether single or double, sandwich-type, of the thickness agreed upon, as well as slanting Venetian louvres, steel louvres, or Corten or stainless steel plates. In fact, we provide a series of standardised solutions including our usual models, but we also offer the possibility to create a unique model for you based on your needs of classic or innovative designs, or just to be better integrated to the premises. In any case, they can be oven lacquered in the different colours of RAL colour chart.

They can be all automated through reliable silent mechanisms that will make them last for many years, with hydraulic or electro-mechanic levers that close softly and risk-free. Operated and equipped with different kinds of remote controls such as our remote opening system by mobile phone, with toll-free calling: GSM-KEY, plenty of accessories, not only electronic but also electro-mechanic and mechanic as well, such as a flashing manoeuvre indicator, lights, internal locks and many more.

The set can be equipped with anti-crushing safety systems with magnetic loop, overstress detection, etc.

The different automations and machining can be powered by solar energy in those places far from urban centres in case of moderate use.


This enclosure stands out due to the following:

  • It can be manufactured in multiple shapes and designs.
  • It is silent.
  • It can be manufactured in huge formats, both regarding height and length.
  • It can be completely integrated into the work set.
  • It is very safe regarding people’s integrity.
  • Intensive use.

Scope of use

Residential 100%
Commercial 40%
Industrial 100%


Safety 80%
Appearance 100%
Frequency of use 60%
Customisable 100%