Vision range aluminium and/or polycarbonate roll-up doors

We have a roll-up door model basically made of transparent, very hard, glassy-looking polycarbonate viewers, known as Vision, our high-end range.

Vision is basically a hinged matrix of highly-resistant polycarbonate, approximately 4-mm thick viewers, which include safety measures such as T-shaped transversal sections that avoid disassembling from the guides. This product is fully combinable with other aluminium solutions of the same range to create all types of safe, fast and silent solutions.

The anti-scratch treatment and filter against ultraviolet radiation provide a unique product in the market.

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We also have a basic model of single-wall doors with aluminium die-cast louvres where certain transparent polycarbonate attachments may be inserted to provide not only light but also tightness.

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High-end, fast, silent, safe, extremely beautiful