This product is simpler than Vision range and its structure is made of highly resistant narrow aluminium louvres, keeping the same distance between them, which allows for greater visibility and ventilation, thus maintaining a highly safe enclosure, but with great appearance and an extremely silent operation.

This open louvre structure may be combined with all the structures of Vision range, both blind or micro-perforated aluminium sections and transparent polycarbonate. Therefore, a door may be manufactured based on this structure or may only insert part of the door in another type of aluminium/polycarbonate door to provide ventilation to the whole set.

The double-joint longitudinal aluminium section is fitted by aluminium hinge reinforcements, which provide greater resistance.

Due to its excellent appearance and ventilation, this product offers significant visibility for shops and porch, garden or terrace enclosures.

The end section, which is bigger, thicker and more rigid than the louvre, may house the inserted enclosure, safety anchors and a rubber gasket for tightness and silent touchdown, as well as Securantishock mechanisms to prevent accidents that make it possible to immediately stop the manoeuvre without the door touching the hindrance.


This enclosure stands out due to the following:

  • The quality of all materials is high, as well as nylon shoes of the highly resistant guides.
  • The different types of side guides available make installation of the product possible in most cases.

This door is powered by a side motor for frequent manoeuvres or higher performance or with a central motor that can be unclutched from the inside in case of a single internal entrance. By default, it is equipped with compensating springs for occasional manual use.

The set can be equipped with extra anti-theft and crush-proof measures.

Scope of use

Residential 60%
Commercial 100%
Industrial 60%


Safety 60%
Appearance 100%
Frequency of use 60%
Customisable 80%